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October 6, 2012 / beatofyourlife

Shiny And Healthy Hair

If you live in a big city your hair most probably needs some extra care like, for example, hair masks. Hair masks usually provide not only shine but also strength, health and beauty. Pretty hair has always been the sign of a healthy body and well functioning internal organs and also the indication of a good genetic structure.

One of the best treatments for hair is clabber or whey. It will ensure your hair grows long and shiny, all you need is applying a small amount of it on your locks 30 minutes before washing them with a shampoo. This mask is greatly effective, after 3 or 4 procedures you will see the result and it is likely that your friends will notice the shine as well.

Mayonnaise mask produces quite the same effect as the above mentioned one. The only difference is that it is better if you apply this mask in the condition of higher temperatures, fir example when going to sauna. Don’t forget to cover your head and prevent hot mayonnaise spilling over your face.

Chicken eggs are a really great means to improve hair condition. For example, if you prefer not to eat the yolk you don’t have to throw it away, you can apply it on your scalp. It contains indispensable beauty vitamin B7 in a large amount, which is also called biotin. Apply egg yolk mixed with a tablespoon of cognac that will enhance the effect and rinse thoroughly with cool water the whole thing after 15 minutes and after that wash hair with shampoo. Note that if you rinse it with hot water chances are you will get an omelet on your head, so be careful.

It is a common thing in Mediterranean countries to use cucumber juice for improving hair condition. Squeeze the juice from a cucumber and add a tablespoon of salt which will adsorb the unnecessary components and an egg yolk. Apply the mass on slightly wet hair for half an hour and rinse with cool water before using a shampoo.

Oils are certainly a good way to achieve shiny hair and stop hair falling out if such a thing takes place. Almond and peach oils are highly recommended by the specialists however olive and average vegetable oils perfectly do their job strengthening hair as well. Before applying oil on scalp and hair it is better to warm it up a bit and stay with the mask on hair as long as you can, an hour will be perfect so that your locks will soak up all the beneficial components oil contains. However it may be a little more difficult to rinse hair after an oily mask, but the result is totally worth it.


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