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October 18, 2012 / beatofyourlife

How to Survive the Heat

We all dream of summer, hot weather, tones of ice creams and other pleasant attributes of heat. However, when summer comes we start claiming that it is too hot, that it is impossible to stay outside and that you wish this awful summer is over. However, whether you like it or not, summer is inevitable – you can just learn how to survive the heat and, maybe, it will help you to enjoy this season of mini-skirts.

First of all, you can lie under an air conditioner and remain in this position till autumn. Boring? Yes, but at the same time it is the most effective way to stand hot summer.

Do not switch your conditioner on the maximum level of cooling – decrease the degree gradually, otherwise, you may easily catch cold.

Use your air conditioner together with humidifier as in the dry air your mucous dry up as well and it becomes easy to catch some infection.

Drink two gulps of water every fifteen minutes in order to protect your body from dehydration. As for juices they are rather food than beverages in the summer.

If you feel that you are going to faint due to the sunstroke, sit down immediately and bite your pinky near its nail as hard as possible – it will help you to regain yourself.

Make mint tea – take a glass of mint leaves for one or one and a half liters of water. You can drink this beverage or use it as tonic or as a conditioner for your hair. It produces great cooling effect. But if your blood pressure is low, the second cup of this tea can work as sleeping draft.

When being close to water, remember that water drops work as lens and increase the possibility of getting sun burns. So, apply lotions with maximum SPF-filter when you are on the beach.


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